Mealprep Sunday -Turkey Veggie Pan with Hirtenkäse

On Mealprep Sunday I prepare my lunch for the next five days (Monday – Friday) and share the recipes with you. These meals are eaten to achieve 2.000 Kcal a day with 50% from protein and 25% from fats/carbs respectively.
Since yesterday’s recipe was the stuff I ate last week, the one for this week comes today! Yay!

Nutritional information (per portion):
565 Kcal
67 g protein
39 g carbohydrates
14 g fats

1 kg turkey breast filet
250 g low fat Hirtenkäse (Or feta)
367 g zucchini (1 piece)
85 g green paprika (1 piece)
160 g yellow paprika (1 piece)
185 g red paprika (1 piece)
250 g onions (~2 pieces)
5 g garlic (2 gloves)
150 g brown rice
10 g olive oil
15 g tomato paste
Spices (Sweet paprika and pepper)

IMG_0807.JPGI like to prepare everything upfront. You need to core, wash and cube the paprika, skin and cube the onion, garlic (which needs to be squeezed, too) and just cube the Hirtenkäse and the zucchini. Cut the turkey into byte-sized pieces.

IMG_0808.JPGHeat the oil (all of it) inside a pot and roast the turkey for a bit. After a while, add onions, garlics and spices. Roast them for a bit. Add the rest of the veggies and the tomato paste. Roast everything.

IMG_0809.JPGPour water over it and let it cook for about 10 minutes (with the lid closed). Add the Hirtenkäse (or feta) and let it cook until all of it is molten. Done!

Example portion!

Enjoy your meal(s)! Leave some feedback if you’ve tried this recipe to tell me how you liked it, or suggest things you want me to prep in the future. The stage is yours.


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