Mealprep Sunday – Chicken Paella

On Mealprep Sunday I prepare my lunch for the next five days (Monday – Friday) and share the recipes with you. These meals are eaten to achieve 2.000 Kcal a day with 50% from protein and 25% from fats/carbs respectively.
After a prolonged pause since the last post (sorry for that), we’ll go Spanish this time! It’s pretty simple, but tasty!

Nutritional information (per portion):
417 Kcal
51 g protein
39 g carbohydrates
5 g fats

1 kg chicken breast filet
128 g green paprika (1 piece)
140 g yellow paprika (1 piece)
131 g red paprika (1 piece)
250 g onions (~2.5 pieces)
10 g garlic (3 gloves)
280 g peas (1 can in this case)
410 g cored tomatoes (5 pieces)
150 g brown rice
10 g olive oil
Spices (Sweet paprika, salt and pepper)

For starters you should prepare the ingredients by coring, washing and cubing the paprika, skinning and cubing the onion and garlic.

IMG_0726The tomatoes need to be skinned. To achieve this I recommend cutting a cross at the “bottom” (opposite side of the stem) and putting them in boiling water for a few seconds (See image below) to blanch them. Afterwards cool them with cold water and easily peel off the skin. Then remove the core and cut them in stripes.

IMG_0731.JPGThen heat 5 g of olive oil in a pot, add onions and garlic and let them become translucent. Afterwards add paprika, tomatoes, peas and season it with sweet paprika, salt and pepper. Mix in the rice, pour hot water (~500 ml) over it and let it cook for about 20 minutes.
In the meantime, heat the other 5 ml oil in a pan and roast the chicken breast. Season it with salt and pepper to your liking.

IMG_0732.JPGOnce the cooking is the done, pour the rice/vegetable mixture into an oven dish, lay the chicken on top, cover it with tin foil and put it in the (preheated to 175° C) oven for about then minutes.

Example portion!

Enjoy your meal(s)! Leave some feedback if you’ve tried this recipe to tell me how you liked it, or suggest things you want me to prep in the future. The stage is yours.


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