Mealprep Sunday – Pork Roast with Potato Salad and Blue Kraut

On Mealprep Sunday I prepare my lunch for the next five days (Monday – Friday) and share the recipes with you. These meals are eaten to achieve 2.000 Kcal a day with 50% from protein and 25% from fats/carbs respectively.
To celebrate the start of this blog, I thought I’d prep something a bit… extraordinary. And because I’m from Bavaria and stereotypes definitely must be fulfilled, roast pork was the obvious (and only) choice! That also meant potato salad and blue kraut as side dishes weren’t optional – traditions and stuff.

Nutritional information (per portion):
920 Kcal
69 g protein
33 g carbohydrates
52 g fats

Ingredients for the pork roast:
1.700 g pork roast (with crackling)
100 g (~2) carrots
56 g (~ 1/2) leek
80 g (~1) onion

Ingredients for the potato salad:
500 g potatoes
5 ml (rape) oil
15 ml vinegar
30 ml water

Blue kraut was store bought (680 g).

Preheat your oven to 200°C (circulating air). Season your roast (except the rind) by massaging paprika powder, (black) pepper, salt and caraway seeds into it. Then proceed to spread a bit of oil on the bottom of your roasting dish and put the pork roast (rind down) on it. Then add water until the whole rind is covered as shown in the image below.


While it’s in the oven cut your onion in fine cubes and the leek/carrots into larger pieces. Take the roast out after about 30 minutes and cut a diamond pattern into the rind, then put it back in (rind down) and distribute the vegetables around the meat.


Put it back in the oven for around 60 minutes and refill evaporated water if needed (vegetables and rind should be covered by it). Then turn the roast upside down and salt the rind. Put it back in until bubbles start appearing on the rind or it gets a nice brown tone. Done!


To make the potato salad, just cook the potatoes and slice them up. Then mix the other ingredients and pour it over the salad. And all is done!

One of the five portions!

Enjoy your mea


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