Greetings, bros of every variety!

Who I am:

My name is Martin, although I’ll mostly interact with you using my nickname, Saufkumpel. I’m currently 24 years old and consider myself a passionate fan of Metal (the music genre, not the material), video games and professional wrestling. I spend most of the time I don’t use to work (out) on those.

My Journey thus far:

When I moved in with my now fiancé last year, we bought a new scale. Out of curiosity, I stepped on it and calculated my BMI. The result was 45! Higher than I anticipated. I was shocked – and decided to change it. For the first ~6 months I only lost by eating less, without counting calories or anything. Then I decided to get serious.A few weeks ago I started lifting at a local gym 5 from monday to friday. I’ve lost over 50 kgs in the last 12 months (progress pics – slightly nsfw). Now I plan to lose until I have visible abs. Which will take… a while. After that it’s bulking time!

Why I started a blog:

I created this blog, so you can accompany me on my journey towards fitness and health, while I try to assist you on yours. To accomplish this, I’ll post recipes high in protein, – including meal preps once a week – and information explaining nutrition, exercise and other stuff. This will be accompanied by a weekly summary of (weight loss/fitness) progress and nutrition goals. Other ramblings and posts are to be expected.

What I’ll do now:

I have a few meal prep recipes stocked up that I’ll post throughout the next days in addition to filling the blog with some content.. There’ll also be an article about CICO and how you can simultaniously lose weight while also saving money and time!

Now it’s your turn!

You have urgent questions or opinions you want to share? Leave a comment or contact me! You can also follow my various social media appearances so you don’t miss out in the future (Links at the bottom and on the contact page).


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